Interactive chart – performance history of the REICO ČS NEMOVITOSTNÍ

Načítání aplikace


  1. The liquid component of the fund is valued daily and together with the costs of the fund it is entered into the fund accounting on daily basis. After taking into account the fluctuations of the NAV the value of participation in real estate companies is subsequently determined on monthly basis, always as at the 15th day of the given month (or the next working day). Newly calculated price is determined by considering the last established value of the real estate within the real estate company and the NAV value of the real estate company determined as at the last day of the previous month. This procedure is repeated until the next time when the value of the real estate is determined by the Expert Committee. The value of real estate is determined regularly, with minimal frequency of twice a year.
  2. The above stated performance represents retail asset class of the fund

Important notice

This chart serves solely as the means of illustrating historical trends in the value of the REICO ČS NEMOVITOSTNÍ units. On the current day the chart displays the values T – 2 working days. Specific date and the price valid for such day is seen next to the curves displayed in the chart. All information stated herein is only tentative and shall not replace the Funds prospectus or to provide comprehensive summary of the statute. This information does not constitute any rights and we are not responsible for the accuracy of information. If any yield is mentioned, it must be always assumed that the previous yields do not guarantee future yields and that the return on the originally made investments or the level of potential profit is by no means assured. Prior to making an investment in the REICO ČS NEMOVITOSTNÍ units you shall always consult the expert advisor who will ensure that the planned investment will correspond with your knowledge and experience in investment matters. Prices for processing the purchase and sale of the REICO ČS NEMOVITOSTNÍ units are set in the Price List of Česká spořitelna, a. s.