Legal disclaimer

REICO ČS NEMOVITOSTNÍ managed by REICO investiční společnost České spořitelny, a.s.

The full name of the fund is specified in the statute (prospectus) of the fund. In accordance with the rules of collective investment the management company notes that the previous performance of the fund does not guarantee the same performance in future period. Value of the investment as well as income from the investment may increase as well as decrease, and the full return on the originally invested amount is not ensured. Investment into mutual funds is not insured by the Investor Compensation Fund.

All information stated herein is only tentative and shall not replace the statute (prospectus) or provide the comprehensive summary of the statute. Potential utilisation of this website when investing has to be consulted with the Česká spořitelna advisors.

REICO is the source of data that are used for information materials. REICO acts as the issuer of participation certificates and the fund management company. ČS distributes participation certificates of the ČS open-ended mutual real estate funds and acts as the fund depository. REICO always becomes acquainted with the information materials before its distribution.

Methods and principles of the fund’s assets and debts are stipulated by the Decree No. 244/2013 Coll., on detailed specifications of certain rules contained in the Investment Companies and Investment Funds Act. If the information material mentions any yield, it is always necessary to follow the principle that the previous yields do not guarantee future yields, that any investment involves the risks of value fluctuation and changes to the exchange rates and that the return on the originally made investments or the level of potential profit is by no means assured.

REICO is a subsidiary of ČS that is the sole shareholder of REICO. REICO does not participate in the registered capital of ČS. REICO is supervised by the Czech National Bank. REICO does not hold more than a 5% stake in any issuer of investment instruments that are part of the portfolios which REICO manages; REICO neither holds any stake in any other legal entity.