Qualified investors funds

Within our licence, we can also manage qualified investors funds. Thanks to our unique market position we are able to assist you in building and management of the fund, together with providing for financing of your real estate.


Main benefits of investments in qualified investor funds

  • flexible investment policy
  • transparent structure and management
  • protection of investors (the fund is subject to the control carried out by the depository and to the CNB supervision)
  • attracting new investors and obtaining capital

Why is it really worth thinking about such structure?

  • you will no longer need to worry about the building management, without giving up the de facto control over these building
  • you will save costs related to the building management
  • you will have an insight into the value of the real estate that will be appraised at "fair value"
  • we will enable you to structure the real estate and utilise the benefits of financial leverage 

Further information

If you are interested in learning more details about the qualified investor funds investing in the real estate assets, please contact:

Tomáš Jandík
Tel.: +420 956 786 5210
Email: tomas.jandik@reicofunds.cz